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20 -ThePath(Dh.273-289) 二十、道品
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20 -ThePath(Dh.273-289)

273. Of all paths the Eightfold Path is the best; of all truths the Four Noble Truths are the best; of all things passionlessness is the best; ofmen the Seeing One (the Buddha) is the best. 274. This is the only path; there is none other for the purification ofinsight. Tread this path, and you will bewilder Mara. 275.Walking upon this path you will make an end of suffering. Having discovered how to pull out the thorn of lust, I make known thepath.

276. You yourselves must strive; the Buddhas only point the way. Those meditative ones who tread the pathare released from the bonds ofMara. 277.”All conditioned things are impermanent” --when one sees this with wisdom, one turns away from suffering. This is the pathtopurification.

278. “All conditioned things are unsatisfactory” --when one sees this with wisdom, one turns away from suffering. This is the pathtopurification. bewilder︰v.使迷惑。


〈273~276〉1 273八支.道中胜,四句 .谛中胜,离欲 .法中胜,具眼 .两足胜2。 274实唯此一道。无余知见净。汝等顺此行。魔为之惑乱。 275汝顺此道行,使汝苦灭尽。知我所说道,得除去荆棘。 276汝当自努力!如来唯说者。随禅定行者,解脱魔系缚。3

277「一切行无常4」,以慧5观照时,得厌离于苦, 此乃清净道。6



279.“All thingsarenot-self” --whenoneseesthiswithwisdom,one


2本句白话︰「所有道中,八圣道最殊胜;所有谛(真理)中,四圣谛最殊 胜;所有法中,离欲法 (涅槃)最殊胜;所有两足 (人类)中,具眼 (佛陀)最 殊胜。」

3佛陀跟众多比丘人间游行之后,又回到舍卫城,众多比丘回来之后都在 讨论沿途山势、路况。佛陀观察他们证得阿拉汉果的时机成熟。佛陀说︰ 「诸比丘!你们所谈论是外在的道路,名为比丘的应该关注圣道的生起, 这样的话,才能从一切苦解脱出来。」接着佛陀说出此偈。


念法与无为法都不是无常或苦。 5慧:指观智,修习禅定,进而观察微细名色法的无常或苦或无我。 6本偈说一群比丘到阿兰若去精进用功,尚未证得阿拉汉果。他去见佛陀

想取得业处在继续用功。佛陀想︰「什幺是适当的?」于是观察到在迦 叶佛时,他们曾经练习过无常相两万年,因此,佛陀就以一个偈颂来教 导无常相。

7佛陀说诸蕴有压迫之苦 (patipilanatthenadukkha),因此说偈。


turnsawayfromsuffering. Thisisthepathtopurification.

280. The idler who does not exert himself when he should, who though young and strong is full of sloth, with a mind full of vain thoughts --such an indolent man does not find the path to wisdom. 281. Let a man be watchful of speech, well controlled in mind, and not commit evil bodily action. Let him purify these three courses of action, and win the path made known by the Great Sage. 282. Wisdom springs from meditation, without meditation wisdom wanes. Having known these two paths of progress and decline, let a man so conduct himself that his wisdom may increase. 279「一切法无我」,以慧观照时,得厌离于苦,此乃清净道。 1佛陀说︰「诸蕴以无法控制之意称为无我 (avasavattanatthena anatta)。」

280当努力时不努力,年虽少壮陷怠惰,意志消沈又懒弱, 怠者不以智得道。1



282由瑜伽4生智,无瑜伽慧灭。了知此二道,及其得与失, 当自努力行,增长于智慧。5


1本偈说「精进持法帝沙长老」(Padhanakammikatissatthera)的因缘,舍卫 城有五百位良家子出家,除了他一人留下来,其他全部到阿兰若去禅修。 经过一段时间后,他们全都证得阿拉汉果。那位未去禅修的帝沙比丘, 后悔曾经浪费时光,他就下定决心,要彻夜禅修。当天晚上在经行几万 步后,打瞌睡,他不小心在石板上滑倒,跌断大腿骨。佛陀知道之后, 说:「诸比丘!先前不知精进,现在你们有了障碍。」


3大目犍连尊者有一次和勒叉那比丘下山时,看见一只三伽浮他(tigavuta, 约九公里)的猪面人身、悲惨的饿鬼。这时候,大目犍连尊者只是微笑。 回到精舍时,勒叉那比丘问尊者,因何微笑?尊者才回答。佛陀在菩提 场(证道的地方),也曾亲眼目睹该饿鬼,佛陀说该饿鬼的前世因缘:在 迦叶佛时,这饿鬼是一位会说法的比丘。有一次,他到有两位比丘居住 的一处精舍去。停留期间,他发现当地的人欢喜听他说法,他就想独占 该精舍,于是分化离间这两位比丘,使他们争论不休,终于都离开精舍。 因为这恶业,他在死后,长期遭受苦报。 瑜伽: yoga,在此指禅定。 DhA.CS:pg.2.264.︰ yo yoyoyoyog gggga aaaati atthatimsayaarammanesu yoniso manasikara.(瑜伽:以三十八种所缘作为从根源作意。)

5波思拉(Potthilatthera)是一位通三藏的比丘,但是尚未得禅、证果,受到 佛陀的激励之后,宁愿以低姿态,在一位沙马内拉的指导下,证得阿拉 汉果。《大庄严论经》(44)(T4.297.1)︰「复次,虽不入见谛,修学多闻 力,诸魔不能动,应勤修学问。」可见在教中,通达经论,并非被排斥。

283. Cut down the forest (of lust), but not the tree, fromthe forest springs fear. Having cut down theforestand the underbrush, be passionless, O monks! 284. For so long as the underbrush ofdesire, even the most subtle, of a man towards a woman is not cut down, his mind is in bondage, like the sucking calf toits mother. 285. Cut off your affection in the manner a man plucks with his hand an autumn lotus. Cultivate only the path to peace, Nibbana, as made known by the Exalted One. 286. “Here shall I live during the rains, here in winter and summer” --thus thinks the fool. He does not realize the danger (thatdeathmight intervene). 287. As a great flood carries away a sleeping village, so death seizes and carries away the man with a clinging mind, doting onhis children and cattle. 288. For him who is assailed by death there is no protection by kinsmen. None there are to save him --no sons, nor father nor relatives. 289. Realizing this fact, let the wise man, restrained by morality, hasten to clear the pathleading to Nibbana. underbrush︰n.矮树丛。 intervene︰v.介于中间。 dote︰v.溺爱。

〈283~ 284〉 283应伐欲稠林1,勿伐于树木。从欲林生怖,当脱欲稠林。 284男女欲丝丝,未断心犹系;如饮乳犊子,不离于母牛。2

285自己断除爱情,如以手折秋莲。勤修寂静之道。 善逝3所说涅槃。



〈288~ 289〉 288父子与亲戚,莫能为救护。彼为死所制,非亲族能救。 289了知此义已,智者持戒律,通达涅槃路──迅速令清净。 6

1应伐欲稠林:Vanam chindathamarukkham,vana,喻欲望、烦恼。

2舍卫城里有五位朋友,年老了才一起出家。他们习惯回老家去托钵,其 中一位的妻子烹饪手艺很好,并且妥善照顾他们,因此他们最常去她那 里托钵。有一天,她死了。五位老比丘十分伤心。佛陀告诫:「诸比丘! 你们倚赖染、瞋、痴森林,才有苦。砍掉森林,这样就不会有苦。」

3善逝:Sugato,是佛陀的名称,善净行的人, 1.他行中道行,没有断见、 常见或极端苦、乐行。 2.他善说真、实、有利益的法。

4从波罗奈 (Baranasi)来舍卫城卖纺织品的商人,他想把商品卖完再回去, 佛陀看出来他的寿命只剩七天,阿难尊者转告他,请他修习正念,他心 生恐惧,往后七天中,都供养佛陀和诸比丘,闻法后,他证得须陀洹果。 死后往生兜率天。

5本则偈颂故事同 114偈,吉离舍瞿昙弥 (Kisagotami)的故事。 6本则偈颂故事同 113偈,波罗遮那 (Pata cara)的故事。她死了丈夫、两个儿子、父母、和唯一的哥哥。佛陀说偈安抚她。

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